disruptiveOps Cybersecurity Compliance Management Helps Organizations Align to Executive Order and Congressional Mandates

disruptiveOps’s Cybersecurity Compliance Management helps organizations develop a shared understanding and alignment with the 2021 Executive Order (EO) requirements and new Congressional mandates.

As these updates get incorporated into the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for government contractors, they will become mandatory prerequisites for contract renewal. These new cybersecurity requirements, implied from the EO, introduces challenges for agencies and contractors as they are not planned in budgets or schedules for FY21 or FY22. Aligning to the EO is especially challenging as the scope is evolving and will not be actionable until after Q1 FY22. In addition to the EO, Congress has additional cybersecurity bills working through the House and Senate that provide money and new requirements.

This program is a three-phase approach: Understanding, Execution, Transition.

The Understanding phase will provide context needed to develop the minimal relevant and realistic plan to align to the EO and requirements from new bills from Congress.

Customers will receive training and workshops necessary to help shape scope and plan for Execution phase. disruptiveOps will collaborate with organization to understand the organizational structure, needs, and complexity to provide considerations for the scope and schedule. Additionally, disruptiveOps will establish documentation to sustain alignment to current and future cybersecurity requirements.

The Execution phase involves the continual execution and refinement of the cybersecurity roadmap for alignment to the EO and Congressional mandates.

disruptiveOps will assist organization in completing deliverables through providing project management activities including meeting facilitation, risk management, metrics, and documentation.

In the final phase, disruptiveOps will transition all activities and documentation.

The ultimate goal is to have your organization fully align to FAR contractual requirements and NIST Cybersecurity Framework so you can continue to deliver value with a robust cybersecurity policy.


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