disruptiveOps Helps Secure Windows-Based Software Supply Chain With a Software Bill of Material Analysis Tool

disruptiveOps’s Software Risk Management aims to improve an organization’s Windows-based software supply chain security by actively managing risks and opportunities detected by disruptiveOps’s unique Waste, Risks, and Opportunities Engine (WORE) through our Software Bill of Material (SBOM) vulnerability assessment. Our Software Risk Management team, which comprises of a project manager, a risk manager, and a Software Risk Consultant, will collaborate … Read more

disruptiveOps Cybersecurity Compliance Management Helps Organizations Align to Executive Order and Congressional Mandates

disruptiveOps’s Cybersecurity Compliance Management helps organizations develop a shared understanding and alignment with the 2021 Executive Order (EO) requirements and new Congressional mandates. As these updates get incorporated into the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for government contractors, they will become mandatory prerequisites for contract renewal. These new cybersecurity requirements, implied from the EO, introduces challenges for agencies and contractors as … Read more

disruptiveOps Agile Transformation Approach Helps Organizations of All Sizes and Maturity Release Value Smarter, Faster, and Cheaper

As the world continues to adapt to the rapid technologically changes and work force challenges due to the pandemic, organizations are realizing the need for adaptability, speed, and efficiency that an Agile model can bring. Digital.ai Annual 15th State of Agile reported that Agile Adoption has seen significant growth not just in the software development arena but also non-IT lines … Read more

disruptiveOps Offers a Wide Range of Coaching Services

disruptiveOps coaches are trainers, mentors, consultants, and coaches. We are able to meet teams and individuals wherever they are in their journey and help them improve. disruptiveOps Coaching also goes beyond Agile with our deep understanding of concepts and methods like Lean, Lean Thinking, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming (XP). Typical coaching engagements disruptiveOps offers: Agile Team Coaches Our Agile Team coaches are well … Read more

disruptiveOps offers Advisory Subscription Service for ad-hoc consultancy needs

disruptiveOps now offers a Advisory Subscription Service for organizations that are looking for a cost effective short-term on-demand consult service. Our consultants have extensive experience in coaching, training, mentoring, and leading many Agile transformations to help assist and continually support organizations through their Agile implementation as needed. This service aims to provide direct insight, feedback, and answers to challenges that … Read more

disruptiveOps Offers Agile Proposal Writing

disruptiveOps offers Agile Proposal Writing for organizations that face challenges in bridging Agile implementation with business value in contract bids. Our team understands how proposals are scored and the need to align language and approach to meet those requirements. The disruptiveOps proposal team knows the importance of writing succinctly in business-speak, so that readers not familiar with the intent of … Read more

Enhance Cybersecurity Within Enterprise Risk Management

Image of NITS logo

Publication number: NISTIR 8286 Date Published: October 2020 Author(s): Kevin Stine (NIST), Stephen Quinn (NIST), Gregory Witte (Huntington Ingalls Industries), Robert Gardner (New World Technology Partners) This new document by Kevin Stine, Gregory Witte, and Robert Gardner, published in October 2020, serves as a precious resource for companies that aim to strengthen their methods of exchanging and communicating cybersecurity risks. … Read more