Below are our unique products that will increase efficiency by reducing wastes, risks, and costs, while providing opportunities to deploy more value more quickly to your customers.  Each opportunity below seamlessly integrates with the others to provide even greater efficiency.  Because of the high integration, the learning curve to maximize your investment is greatly reduced.

Your Subscription – Your Data

While we believe our products are great, we cannot guarantee it’s the most optimal way you want to work.  Because of this, we have exposed the same RESTful APIs used in our products, so you can integrate into your own customized web application(s) or Application Lifecycle Management tools like Agile Central (formerly Rally), JIRA, VersionOne, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, etc.  For more information, please start with our RESTful API page.

Do We Use Our Own Products?

Of course!  We are adamant about Dogfooding.  We are advocates for clean code, maintaining an Agile mindset, leaning processes, and using our own products for continual improvement.  Please check out how we work so you can get a better sense of our ability to ideate, engineer, test, and release.

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Go Beyond Agile With Software Factories

The Lifecycle Sleuth is the most innovative find and fix business tool for Agile / DevSecOps practices on the market. Our patent pending analysis engine goes beyond assessment by analyzing your current build, test, delivery, and release processes and provides immediate suggestions for improvements to real-time findings of financial costwasterisks, and opportunities for improvement.

This tool will help establish your organization and software solutions to be true market disruptors. An organizational transforming to Agile / DevSecOps requires years to realize and a large investment. You need the Lifecycle Sleuth to constantly provide high impact insights and lightweight risk adverse resolutions.

The choice is clear; get to market faster and realize a higher Return-on-Invest with the Lifecycle Sleuth or rely on hope .

Agile Governance & Guidance

Walter is the solution to greatly reduce cultural and communication chaos within organizations developing large complex software solutions because he understands “it’s all about the rules”TM.  Walter allows you to easily and quickly document governance (rules) and guidance for what teams and people care about so they know what’s expected from them and feel better because of it.  Bottom line, high satisfaction results in better individual performance and a more collaborative environment.

Walter enables your organization to succeed better by utilizing AI and WORE.  Together, these innovative technologies constantly evaluates what has been documented to automagically identify how the organization can get better.

If you have already employed or about to employ popular team frameworks (Scrum, eXtreme Programming (XP), Kanban, etc.)  or multi-team frameworks (Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Large Enterprise Scrum (LeSS), Nexus, etc.) then Walter is ideal to get started. 

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Lagging Insights

Planning Efficiency

Lagging Insights provides the measures and metrics that matter for organizations using timeboxed delivery approaches like Scrum or xTreme Programing (XP). This incredible application was designed by Agile Coaches for Agile Coaches.

Lagging Insights simply uses the same Sprint-based information you already have in JIRA, VersionOne, Rally, TFS, etc. and within minutes you can see how a team is maturing over time or how they compare to other teams.

And for the non-coaches, we have you covered too. Lagging Insights uses the typical grading system (A, B, C, D,and F) on several import lagging indicators so non-Agilist can get a sense how a team is and if they are getting better.

Finally, a tool to visually describe how you develop software solutions from ideation to post-production so everyone has clear understanding of who is doing what and why. This revolutionary approach to software engineering even provides real-time insights and plans of action to improve any delivery process.

Like the Lifecycle Sleuth, Bob Ross utilizes our patent-pending Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine (WORE) so you can adapt to evolving processes, practices, regulations, non-functional requirements, etc.