Artificial Intelligence

disruptiveOps’ suite of products provides customers an option to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) so they can gain greater insights into how to improve.  One of the primary reasons we made the architectural decision to use Microsoft’s Cognitive Services is because they are native to Microsoft Azure and built for high-scalability, reliability, maintainability, and cost-efficiency.


disruptiveOps utilizes the language AI services to extract meaning from unstructured text so that it can be used for insights.  Specifically, we utilize the Text Analytics service determine the following insights from the unstructured text within our product suite.

  • Identify key phrases
  • Identify named entities (people, places, and organizations)
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Language Detection


We utilize various web-based AI search services to provide opportunities for learning within our product suite.  Learning opportunities are tailored to what the user wants to know and what is already know about the user and the organization.  Specifically, we utilize the Bing Web Search service to provide relevant search results to include text, images, videos, and news.

Continual Learning

disruptiveOps utilizes the Bing Statistics Add-in to provide analytics for what users have searched on.  These statistics provide insights that can then be used to enhance our products, training, and ultimately customer value.