Domain Design

At disruptiveOps, we utilize Domain Driven Design (DDD) to visually express the context within our products so our teams have greater understanding of functionality, associations, processes and rules.  The DDD approach reduces wastes and risk because it translates into fewer errors, omissions, and duplications of efforts.  Additionally, our Enterprise Architect and Microsoft Azure engineers utilize this approach as input on how to establish sufficient scaling.

For organizations that wish to integrate their products with ours, please know we utilize DDD to more easily understand where to sync.  Because we utilize a microservice approach the integration becomes even easier and quicker to accomplish.

Please feel free to contact us if your organization would like to learn how to leverage this approach.

Product Suite Domains

Below is the DDD for our product suite.  Our current product suite are the domains at the top of the image.  The domains at the bottom of the image are consistently available for all products.

Cross Product Functionality

Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine

The image below represents the domain model for our unique patent-pending Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine.  For microservice details please click here

Artificial Intelligence

Our use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is described in the domain images below.  We utilize Microsoft Cognitive services as they continue to dominate the AI landscape.  Please go to our AI page for more specifics on the services we use and how they are used.