Agile Proposal Writing

Beyond being experts in Agile & DevSecOps, our team understands how proposals are scored and the need to align language and approach to meet those requirements. The disruptiveOps proposal team knows the importance of writing succinctly in business-speak, so that readers not mature with the intent of Agile / DevSecOps, have a clear understanding of the value your organization will deliver. 

Step 1 - Planning
  • Collaborate to identify winning theme(s) and objectives
  • Synchronize internal schedules to keep proposal process moving forward
  • Understand your organizations capabilities to support contract execution
  • Provide opinions on price-to-win for Agile / DevSecOps execution
  • Provide opinions on ability to win
Step 2 - Execution
  • Conduct research on latest changes to the customers approach to planning, management, and reporting
  • Conduct research on latest changes to customers engineering approach (frameworks, methodologies, practices, etc.)
  • Incorporate language and/or images to demonstrate alignment to win them(s) and objectives
  • Incorporate customers likely Non-Functional Requirements to demonstrate domain knowledge
  • Identify disruptiveOps products to incorporate as a differentiator
  • As needed, identify disruptiveOps individuals with relevant resumes to enhance win probability
  • Continually document Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for possible addressing in the proposal and/or after the win
  • Continually document risks for addressing after the win
  • Actively participate in development and review meetings
  • As needed, participate in daily checks-in / standups with our teams
Step 3 - Learning
  • Actively participate in cross-company retrospective for improvement with follow-on efforts
  • Document lessons learned
Step 4 - Celebrating
  • Celebrate!
  • Collaborate to identify and finalize disruptiveOps products and individuals to optimize your Return-on-Investment and reduce management burden