Agile Coaches help teams and individuals help themselves with the application of Agile. 

disruptiveOps coaches are trainers, mentors, consultants, and coaches. We are able to meet teams and individuals wherever they are in their journey and help them improve.  disruptiveOps coaches also go beyond Agile with their deep understanding of concepts and methods like Lean, Lean Thinking, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming (XP).

Experience Matters

Our Agile Coaches and Consultants generally have greater than 10 years of practical experience and real-world knowledge.  Additionally, our coaches and consultants have been actively engaged in successful transformations.

Right-sized Engagements

disruptiveOps will collaborate with your organization to develop a coaching plan that best suits your needs.  Whether you need one coach or more, three months or three years, disruptiveOps will work with you to shape the engagement before we even start.

Our Typical Coaching Engagements

Agile Team Coaches

Our Agile Team coaches are well versed in helping Scrum and XP teams start, improve, and/or reshape.  Our coaches will apply just the right-level of training, mentorship, consulting, and coaching to encourage self-motivation to continually evolve towards an Agile mindset and become a high performing team.

Kanban Team Coaches

Unlike other companies, disruptiveOps has coaches just for those using the Kanban method.  Our Kanban Team Coaches focus on Lean and Lean Thinking, not techniques or tools, so teams start adopting the right behaviors for continual improvement.

Enterprise Coach

disruptiveOps has the ideal Enterprise Coaches for you because they are well versed in all aspects of delivery across the entire organization.  Our Enterprise Coaches have matured over many years at all organizational levels and now poised to impart their knowledge to you.

Executive Coaches

For organizations seeking to develop their leadership potential, disruptiveOps has an executive coaching capability to meet that need.  Our experienced coaches will help your leadership reflect and practice tweaking self-imposed changes in behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. 

Technical Coaches

Our Technical Coaches are ideal to help your team hone their craft.  What sets disruptiveOps apart is that we have the ability to not only help your software engineers and DevSecOps people but we also have coaches that can support testers and database engineers.