Advisory Subscription Service

Are you an organization that has just made the transition to Agile and Agile frameworks and need guidance to get the best results? Or are you an organization struggling with managing and measuring workflow within your existing Agile framework? Better yet, are you a growing organization looking to scale and are faced with challenges in scaling your Agile framework?

No matter the challenges your organization faces, our Subscription-Based Service aims to continually provide direct insight, feedback, and answers to any questions or issues your organization may have.

Here at disruptiveOps, our consultants have extensive experience in coaching, training, mentoring, and leading many Agile transformations, so leverage our expertise to assist and continually support you through your Agile implementation.  

Areas of Expertise

Although these are the general topics and popular frameworks that organizations use, because of the maturity of our team, hours with our experts can truly help your organization solve immediate problems. We are not only limited to these general topics.

Your Investment

We offer 1 to 4 hours of Advisory Subscription Services a week billable via PayPal monthly.  We of course offer the flexibility to scale up and down and based on volume of hours can provide greater discounts.To start your investment please sign up with the buttons below or converse with us about how many hours you wish.