Going Agile / DevSecOps requires training across the organization to start developing a common language and setting expectations. From enterprise stakeholders down to developers and testers there must also be alignment to principles and values if your organization is to become high performing.  disruptiveOps has the full array of courses tailorable to your needs more immediate impact. 


  • Veterans, in good standing, receive 20% discount (use code VETERAN)
  • Police and first-responders receive 15% discount (use code PROTECT)
  • Recent college grads and unemployed  receive 10% discount (use code LOOKING)
  • Those who are self-funding simply need to contact us to see if we may help
SAFe Certifications: Explore the Scaled Agile Framework and get certified with actual SAFe practitioners
On-Demand Training
ICAgile: Start your Agile journey with an ICAgile certification
Database Training
Shu Ha Ri Certifications: disruptiveOps leverages the Shu Ha Ri approach to education. A Shu Ha Ri certification demonstrates your mastery in practice
Blockchain: Our training will provide your organization with a solid understanding of the intent and fundamentals across all blockchain considerations