Blockchain Training

With a 92% failure rate in the delivery of blockchain solutions, your organization needs a Blockchain Sherpa. Our learning opportunities will provide your organization a solid understanding for the intent and fundamentals across all blockchain considerations; business, technical, language/terms, legal, regulatory, fiscal viability, etc. 

Our core courses are designed for those who have a minimal understanding and/or new to blockchain concepts. We highly suggest everyone in your organization receives these great learning opportunities because they help form a common language and understanding of blockchain to include considerations, risks, and opportunities. 

Introduction to Blockchain

This half-day class is ideal for individuals and organizations to immediately gain knowledge about blockchain to have impactful discussions. 

Blockchain Considerations

This full-day class is the most comprehensive and realistic opportunity for individuals and organizations to learn about everything to consider for a successful blockchain implementation. 

Xtreme Blockchain

For technologists who need to build upon relevant and valuable principles such as Agile, DevSecOps, Lean, and Kanban as well as practices and techniques for immediate impact.