Agile Foundations for Database Professionals

This course is for database management and professionals wanting to learn how to optimize database engineering within Agile-based projects.

At the end of this course, course attendees will understand how to integrate Data-centric functions to Agile projects, will be able to properly lay out data related work in sprints and program implements, and will have guidelines for how to structure and manage database professionals on iterative projects.

Understanding Agile Fundamentals

  • Understand how to apply Agile Principles & Values
  • Understand how to apply Lean Principles
  • Understand core concepts of popular team frameworks like Scrum, XP, and Kanban
  • Understand core concepts of popular multi-team frameworks like SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, and Nexus
  • Recognize the various phases of a “project” and how you may support them
  • Understand core planning concepts
  • Recognize the various roles you are likely to interact with
  • Understand how to plan for Evolutionary Architecture / Development
  • Understand how to identify and reduce waste
  • Understand how to identify and manage risk
  • Recognize the need for Continuous Improvement

Apply Agile to Data Engineering

  • Know how to incorporate Conceptual Modeling
  • Know how to incorporate Logical Modeling
  • Know how to incorporate Physical Data Modeling
  • Recognize the importance Non-Functional Requirements
  • Recognize the need for documentation
  • Recognize the importance of building in quality
  • Understand Data Brittleness (dev vs test vs prod)
  • Understand considerations for refactoring
  • Understand considerations for regression testing
  • Understand considerations for iteratively updating models
  • Considerations to limit technical debt
  • Considerations to help testing
  • Understand how to allocate team members over time