Shu Ha Ri Certification Training

Shu Ha Ri is used to describe the learning journey. It derives from the Japanese martial art concept that is used to describe the stages of learning to mastery. In recent years, it has been more frequently applied to an individual’s cycle of learning.  

“It is known that, when we learn or train in something, we pass through the stages of shu, ha, and ri. These stages are explained as follows. In shu, we repeat the forms and discipline ourselves so that our bodies absorb the forms that our forbearers created. We remain faithful to the forms with no deviation. Next, in the stage of ha, once we have disciplined ourselves to acquire the forms and movements, we make innovations. In this process the forms may be broken and discarded. Finally, in ri, we completely depart from the forms, open the door to creative technique, and arrive in a place where we act in accordance with what our heart/mind desires, unhindered while not overstepping laws.” 

— Aikido Master Teacher Endo Seishiro 

Shu Ha Ri

Shu Certification


Actively participate in workshops, training, or learning platform. Learn principles and values. Demonstration understanding of intent, terms, and definitions. Must pass exam to advance.  

Ha Certification


Applying learned values and principles. Commitment to continual self-guided learning and ability to teach others.  

Ri Certification


Demonstrate ability to coach and mentor. Ability to develop approach that meets circumstances and constraints as necessary. Attaining this level of achievement requires a history of demonstrable success, recommendations, and interviews.  

Despite the difficulty to attain this certification, it proves to organizations that you have obtain a mastery level skillset and are ready to lead any organizational transformation. 

We offer Shu Ha Ri Certifications in: 

Government Agility
Lean Portfolio Management
Engineering Agility

Better Certifications For Less 

Our Shi Ha Ri certification course covers everything an organization needs to take an idea to market and support it. Our certifications go beyond memorization of terms and definitions to pass an exam. We require demonstrable ability to work with a diverse group of people to create and build value.  

Our certification courses are much more valuable and affordable than our competition. Our classes are part-time instructors so they are highly experienced and pragmatic. As far as pricing your investment is very likely to be less than that of those with supposed like-courses.  


Students achieving either a Ha or Ri certification can expect us to vouch for them when applying for relevant job opportunities because of our vetting process.  However, students must be in good standing with their certification(s). If you are unsure if you are in good standing with any of your certificates please email

Students in good standing with their certifications are also highly encouraged to apply for any relevant opportunities with us.


Organizations that wish to demonstrate to potential customers that they are truly Agile are encouraged to contact us to co-develop an organizational training roadmap and generous discounts on training and coaching. Our goal with organizations is to help them build their Agile practice to the point where we are no longer needed.