Agile/Scrum Reset

Get Back To Basics And Get Your Agile-Mindset On!

The workshop is for individuals to “reset” on Agile / Scrum so they can apply greater impact across the organization the next day.  Invest a day with disruptiveOps to truly understand the originators intent as well as lessons learned over the years to optimize how you deliver value. This opportunity is fast-paced and focused on YOUR organization.

Who Will Benefit

This course is beneficial to anyone or any organization who recognizes the need to do more with less.  This offering is ideally suited for those in roles like:

  • C-Level, Executives, VPs, and Directors
  • Portfolio, Program, Product, and Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Release Train Engineers, Solution Train Engineers
  • Business / Systems Analysts
  • User Experience Specialists
  • Architects


  • Drafting a Common Language
  • Establish Desired Outcomes for the Organization
  • Desired Outcomes for You/Personal Improvement Plan
  • Your Concerns & Perceived Problems
  • What is and Is Not Scrum
  • Leaning Coordination & Synchronization
  • Correlation versus Causation
  • Feature Teams vs. Component Teams
  • Build the Organizational Get-Well Plan
  • Agile / Scrum Myths & Anti-Patterns


  • Using the Scrum Guide for Support
  • Stay Away From These Scrum Anti-Patterns
  • Know What to Tweak in Your Scrum Framework
  • Straight Talk on Agile / Scrum Principles & Values
  • The Real Purpose of Scrum (Roles, Events, Artifacts)
  • Leaning & Improving Coordination & Synchronization
  • How to Properly Define a Product
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Feature Teams vs Component Teams
  • Technical Agility == Organizational Agility
  • Exploit Kanban / ScrumBan

What You Get

  • A workbook of the entire presentation
  • Preparation to bring true agility to your organization
  • 8 Learning Credits (PDUs, SEUs, etc)
  • Discounts on future training
  • Eligibility to attain free training
  • Knowledge from an actual Agile / Lean practitioner

The Scrum Primer


This class assumes you have practical experience with Agile / Scrum but we still ask you to review The Scrum Primer before attending the course.