SAFe Reset

Know Where You Are & Get Better

This private workshop is for organizations to “reset” their Agile Release Train (ART) so it can run much more efficiently. Your investment of two days to truly understand the originators intent of Agile/Scrum and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) will provide an immediate impact and a get well plan that can be managed over time. At disruptiveOps, we recognize that vagueness and shortcomings of frameworks so we will ultimately focus on Lean, Agile, Commonsense, and Kanban (LACK) to best ensure efficiency.

This opportunity is fast-paced and focused on YOUR organization. We can support multiple ARTs to ensure greater alignment across the entire organization.

SAFe Reset Workshop PDF

Who Will Benefit

This course is beneficial to anyone on an ART or supporting ARTs.  This offering is ideally suited for those in roles like:

  • C-Level, Executives, VPs, and Directors
  • Portfolio, Program, Product, and Project Managers
  • Release Train Engineers and Solution Train Engineers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Architects


  • Drafting a Common Language
  • Drafting Governance
  • Establish Desired Outcomes for the ART and the Organization
  • Your Desired Outcomes
  • Your Concerns & Perceived Problems
  • Correlation versus Causation
  • Establish a Risk Register
  • Establish an Improvement Backlog
  • Quiz Time: Scrum
  • Quiz Time: Lean
  • Quiz Time: Kanban
  • Quiz Time: SAFe
  • Establish the Non-Functional Requirements
  • Establish the Testing Triangle
  • Leaning Coordination & Synchronization
  • Feature Teams vs. Component Teams
  • Build the Organizational Get-Well Plan
  • Agile / Scrum Myths & Anti-Patterns
  • SAFe Myths & Anti-Patterns


  • Using the Scrum Guide for Support
  • Using SAFes Big Picture for Support
  • Stay Away From These Anti-Patterns
  • Know What to Tweak in Your Frameworks
  • Straight Talk on Principles & Values
  • Lean, Agile, Commonsense, and Kanban
  • Leaning & Improving Coordination & Synchronization
  • How to Properly Define a Product
  • Defining Non-Functional Requirements
  • Testing Considerations
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Feature Teams vs Component Teams
  • Technical Agility == Organizational Agility
  • Start Using XP
  • Exploit Kanban / ScrumBan
  • Be Agile/Lean not SAFe
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Health of an ART
  • Lean Waste Management
  • Risk Management

What You Get

  • A workbook of the entire presentation
  • Actionable Plans for Improvement
  • Preparation to bring true agility to your ARTs and organization
  • 16 Learning Credits (PDUs, SEUs, etc)
  • Discounts on future training
  • Eligibility to attain free training
  • Knowledge from an actual Agile / Lean practitioner and multi-time Release Train Engineer and SAFe coach

The Scrum Primer


This class assumes you have practical experience with Agile / Scrum but we still ask you to review The Scrum Primer before attending the course. We also suggest reviewing SAFe’s Big Picture